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Onart Event Spain | It's time to become a CBA




qualatex balloon network

QBN Portal

The portal is your source for exclusive instruction sheets, balloon designs, tools, and marketing resources to help your business soar.

Balloon Pro Finder

The Balloon Pro Finder brings customers to you! Personalize your listing and highlight your services to thousands of potential customers in your area.

Subscription to "Balloon Images"

Membership has its benefits including discounts and special pricing for materials, back issues of Images, and select Qualatex events including the World Balloon Convention.

Professional Certification

Membership has its benefits including discounts and special pricing for materials, back issues of Images, and select Qualatex events including the World Balloon Convention.

how to join?


Purchase the QBN Kit Bundle

pass basics

Pass the Basics online exam with a score of 80% or higher to receive access to the Portal

complete exams

Complete the Balloon Decor and Deliveries & Bouquet exams and you’ll be eligible to take the CBA Practical Exam

QBN Code of Ethics

As a member of Qualatex Balloon Network (QBN), my business will have:

  • Only Qualatex latex balloons, and when possible Microfoil Qualatex balloons;
  • Make continuous training and education a priority, and encourage our employees to participate in the QBN and Certified Balloon Artist (CBA) program;
  • To hold honorable practices in the business, promote professionalism in our business and demonstrate good faith in our business relationships.



Choose a Payment method





Add value and prestige to your company and name, with the certification program for balloon professionals, unique in the world.


Receive priority in the Balloon Pro search engine listing and be one of the first businesses that customers see.

special price

The membership has benefits that include discounts and special prices on materials, back issues of Images and select Qualatex events including the World Balloon Convention.

How to be CBA:



  1. Go back or work for a QBN member.
  2. Complete all three exams with a score of 80% or more.
  3. If you just start your own balloon business, you may consider waiting at least 2 years before taking the practical test to build your techniques and skills. During this time we recommend you continue with your education attending the events sponsored by Qualatex, watching instructional video and applying your experience.
  4. Sign up for the CBA practical face-to-face exam by sending your form at least 30 days before the exam.
  5. Prepare for the exam by going back to the QBN DVDs and reading the guide for the Practical Exam for more information and details.
  6. Pass the 4-hour Practical Exam with a score equal to or greater than 80%.

CBA Practical Exam Guide

before the exam

The Certified Balloon Artist practical exam establishes a worldwide standard for balloon professionals.

Earning your CBA designation begins with becoming a QBN Member and culminates in a 4-hour practical where you demonstrate your knowledge and ability to produce high quality balloon work.

Taking any kind of exam can be stressful but the CBA practical doesn’t have to be!

This guide, along with experience and practice, can help you pass with flying colors.

Complete and pass all of the online tests from the QBN curriculum.
Submit your exam sign-up form as well as four photos of Classic Balloon Decor that features balloon garland.

One of the photos may include a String-of-Pearl Arch.

Each photo should be from a different job and include only Qualatex balloons.

Submit a completed job cost form for each photo.
Pay the exam fee if you haven’t already prepaid with the Bundle Kit.

at the exam

Plan to arrive at least 20 minutes early to the exam site so you have enough time to get set up.

You’ll have your own workstation but will have to share a common equipment station.

During the exam, you’ll be required to complete:

  • A social expression bouquet of your own design
  • A table centerpiece of your own design
  • A duplicated bouquet
  • A twisted balloon flower
  • A 5-balloon cluster garland
  • Demonstrate temporary and permanent knots
  • Either a mock sales call or ´delivery presentation
  • Six questions from the QBN curriculum

While that may seem like a lot, it’s all in an average day’s work for a professional balloon decorator.

As long as you practice in advance, you’ll be prepared to perform these tasks just fine!

What’s Provided?

  • Helium tanks
  • Electric air inflators
  • Hand air inflators
  • Heat sealers
  • Slide-n-Size balloon sizers
  • Balloons, line, and ribbon for the garland, duplicated bouquet, and duplicated balloon flower

become a cba at onart’2018!

The practical part of the CBA exam will be held on FRIDAY MORNING, 5th of OCTOBER’2018.

Keep in mind that before registering, you must have passed all the written exams and have the approval of Qualatex, to be able to do a practical part of the exam in the Onart’2018 Event.

For more information, please contact us!

Jose María Álvarez, CBA +34 977 33 81 30/ mail: info@lacentraldelglobo.com

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